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The starting point for many conscious entrepreneurs is their mission or purpose. Most of the time, this purpose is something that relates to them on a personal level or it’s to do with something that they strongly believe in. They have found a way to tie this personal purpose to a business purpose and build a conscious company around it.

If you ask most conscious entrepreneurs why they care so much about their company’s purpose, they’ll usually share their beliefs and stories with great passion. And this is their most effective way to generate leads and grow their business.

One of the most amazing effects of sharing the stories around your purpose is attracting people who truly resonate with it. At the same time, you’ll gain insights into the people who don’t. And that’s ok. The immediate reaction for most of us would be to try and convince them to buy into your story. You shouldn’t.

You’re not in the business of missionary work. You’re in the business of helping people who already align with you on some level by providing them with the solutions that your company has to offer. Invest in those who already share your purpose. They’ll be the ones who will generate revenue and profits for you because they want to and because they genuinely believe in the cause that you believe in.

This does mean that both your personal and business mission need to be as sincere and authentic as possible. When you share this, the person you are talking to should be able to feel your passion and energy. Your business and personal purpose can be the same but they don’t have to be. In my case, they are interlinked.

Invest in those who already share your purpose

Ever since I’ve realized my mission in life, which is to empower young entrepreneurs to grow their conscious business and become catalysts for positive change in the world, people have been asking me why. Why do I care so much about these young professionals? Why am I willing to invest time, money and energy to build a platform, or even better, a community where I can share my knowledge with this future generation?

It’s simple. I believe our current capitalistic system is failing us. I believe that we are living in a world in which capitalism has gone too far.

Let me be specific: I believe in the concept of a business. Businesses, in general, are good, because they are based on a voluntary exchange (as opposed to forms of slavery). Businesses have created tremendous wealth, progress, and an improved quality of life to a great number of people across the world.

However, I feel that in the past few decades, we have been overdoing it. Shareholders are constantly pressuring company executives to deliver better financial results quarter after quarter. The effect is that these executives make decisions that are only good in the short run but not necessarily in the long run. And they don’t take into account other important considerations such as the well-being of employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

The majority of today’s corporations lack a clearly defined purpose that is shared by every single stakeholder in their ecosystem. Their cultures are based on a command and control management style which doesn’t result in harnessing the full potential of their talents. Often, employees are micro-managed, causing them to feel highly demotivated. I don’t believe that this system is a sustainable one. Continuing this way will negatively impact humanity as a whole and our silent stakeholder, the planet Earth.

Empowering young entrepreneurs is a means to a wonderful end

This led me to ponder about how I can contribute to changing the way businesses work. For me, empowering young entrepreneurs is a means to a wonderful end. I don’t believe in the traditional form of activism, where we protest against unethical businesses. I believe in a form of activism where we can focus our energies on creating something that is a positive force for good. I’m never against anything, I’m always for something.

All major corporations started as small businesses. If we can change the way aspiring young entrepreneurs view their business models by educating them about conscious capitalism, we can then nurture them into future conscious business leaders who operate with a different mindset.

They can then influence their shareholders to recognize the advantages of focusing on long-term business goals that are value-driven and beneficial for all stakeholders. Ultimately, this shift in mindset will create a world where people can flourish and lead purposeful lives built upon freedom and harmony with each other, and our beautiful planet.

That is my why. That’s why I care. I’m driven by a fundamental belief that profitable businesses are on earth to be a force of good for everyone, not just a few at the top. And the purpose of my business is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to develop value-driven conscious businesses.

If my story made your heart beat just a little bit faster, I’d love to get in touch with you. I’m only at the beginning of my conscious business journey and all I’m doing right now is sharing my story to get a sense of who feels connected to my mission and who doesn’t. I’d love to connect with like-minded people, whether you’re a seasoned conscious entrepreneur or just walking around with an idea in your head.

Let’s join forces to make a big impact. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Big hugs,