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A platform uniting social impact entrepreneurs with

seasoned business mentors so we can all flourish.

Flourishter connects social impact entrepreneurs with business mentors who are donating their time and expertise.

Our 3-month mentorship program includes 2 calls per month with the business mentors and limited support via email in between.

The objective is to help the social entrepreneurs gain better clarity in the necessary actions needed to grow their impact businesses.  

We are doing this because we believe in a world where businesses exist not only to make a profit but to uplift humanity and our beautiful planet.


What is a Social Impact Entrepreneur?

A social impact entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who uses a commercial company as a vehicle to create a positive impact in the world.

Profit is not a goal in itself but a means to an end. 

A social entrepreneur serves two types of audiences: the customer whom they sell their products and services to and provide value in exchange for money (revenue) and the beneficiary of (part of) that money, either by donating a part of their profits or through one-for-one models for example like TOMS shoes.


Who we serve


Are you a social impact entrepreneur needing support to grow your impact business?

  • You launched your social enterprise in the past few years.
  • You are struggling to find traction in the market.
  • You are committed to building a profitable company.
  • You believe that to be a means to make a positive impact in the world.
  • You want to equally serve your customers and your beneficiaries.


If this resembles you…. get on board. I am thrilled to find you a suitable business mentor!

Yes! I need Support!

Tell us about your company, your social impact objectives, and your main business challenge. We’ll connect you to a mentor who is willing to donate his time to mentor you personally.

Are you a seasoned business expert willing to donate your time and expertise?

  • You have a track record in sales, marketing and/or business development.
  • You are looking for a way to share this knowledge and make an impact.
  • You like the concept of social enterprises and are intrigued by them.
  • You know your knowledge could empower social entrepreneurs.
  • You can free yourself up a few hours per month to being a mentor.


If this resembles you…. get on board. I am thrilled to find you a social impact entrepreneur that needs your knowledge!

Yes! I want to be a Mentor!

Tell us about your skill sets and your reasons for wanting to mentor a social impact entrepreneur. We’ll connect you with one whose needs match what your values and what you have to offer.
Flourishter connects social impact entrepreneurs with business mentors. We believe these are matches made in heaven. Social impact entrepreneurs are highly purpose-driven professionals wanting to make a positive change in the world using a for-profit business as a vehicle. Seasoned business experts have made their mark in business and have a ton of experience in creating value for customers. They now have an opportunity to pass on all of their acquired knowledge and skills and positively impact a social entrepreneur’s life and beyond that the world. 

Why participate?



Social Impact Entrepreneur

Why would you want to work with a business mentor on your business challenges?
  • Having an experienced business mentor will accelerate your business beyond your imagination if you are ready to take the action.
  • A mentor will guide you to gain more clarity on where you are in your business and what the necessary steps are to move ahead without feeling overwhelmed.
  • You will learn new skills, ideas and perspectives on yourself and your business, all through the interactions with a seasoned business expert.
  • You will receive the full-on benefits of a professional business mentor for just a fraction of the cost.
  • You will not only learn but also teach. In mentorships, two people learn: you on how to grow your business and your mentor on how to make a positive impact in the world.

Yes! I want support to grow my business!

Are you ready to open up and share your business struggles, all with the purpose to find a suitable business mentor who is willing and able to help you accelerate your business?

Apply today and we will match you up with a seasoned business mentor!


Seasoned Business Expert

Why would you donate your precious time to mentor a social entrepreneur for free?
  • It’s an amazing opportunity to leverage your skills, experience, connections, and achievements for a greater purpose.
  • The deep satisfaction, validation, and relevance you’ll feel as your lifetime of business experience creates compounding value that improves many lives.
  • Through the reciprocal effect of mentoring, you’ll learn new skills, ideas, and perspective – all while teaching someone else.
  • The help you provide empowers Social Impact business to quickly and efficiently grow and serve more people, which also lifts the community around them.
  • The small amount of time you contribute in the present will create positive changes that ripple well into the future – changing lives, the planet, and the future of business.

Yes! I want to be a Mentor!

Are you ready to contribute in a way that will make a real, lasting difference? Sharing your skills and knowledge as a Mentor will change lives right now.

Apply today, and we’ll match you with the ideal Social Impact Entrepreneur.


How It Works



Social Impact Entrepreneur

1. Apply
Share your company story and your business needs by filling out this Google Form. 

After we have received your application, we’ll send you a confirmation and a payment link. The rate for the 3 month mentorship program is $200. For this you’ll have 6 calls with your mentor (every other week) and limited email support in between.  After receiving your payment, Flourishter commits to introducing you to a business mentor within 14 days. If not, you’ll receive a full refund.



2. Receive an application
Flourishter will seek out a business mentor who matches your needs. When we’ve found a suitable one, he or she will send you an application. 
3. Interview
We’ll schedule a call between you and your potential business mentor. After the call, you’ll both decide if you want to start the mentorship program.
4. Agreement
We’ll send you and your business mentor an agreement that covers confidentiality, goal setting, and timeline management for signing
5. Go!
The mentorship program begins. Every 2 weeks, you’ll set up a call with your mentor based on both your available schedules and in between, you’ll get email access to your mentor for any questions or support. Your impact business will flourish!

Seasoned Business Expert

1. Share
Share your skills, motivation and preferences with us by filling out this google form
2. Receive profiles
We’ll search for a social impact entrepreneur who matches your requirements and send you some relevant profiles to review. 
3. Apply
After you’ve selected the social impact entrepreneur whom you’d like to work with, you can apply to mentor him or her directly on the profile page sent to you.
4. Interview
We’ll schedule a call between you and the social impact entrepreneur. Thereafter, you’ll both decide if you want to start the mentorship program.
5. Agreement
We’ll send you and your business mentor an agreement that covers confidentiality, goal setting, and timeline management for signing.
6. Go!
The mentorship program begins. Every 2 weeks, you’ll have a call with your social impact entrepreneur and in between, you’ll provide support and answer any questions via email. You’ll be making an impact on the business growth of a social impact enterprise. We thank you so much for this!

Our customers



Social Impact Entrepreneurs

Meet Social Impact Entrepreneurs Victoria, Kathy and Jim who chose Flourishter to provide them with a business mentor.

Click on their image for more information!

You can be one of them!

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your business? Find a business mentor via Flourishter just like Victoria, Kathy and Jim did! Apply today and we will match you up with a mentor of your choosing!

Business Mentors

Meet the Seasoned Business Experts who chose to give back and mentor Social Impact Entrepreneurs.

You can be one of them and start giving back today!

We Need Seasoned Business Experts

Because there are Social Impact Entrepreneurs who need your help. Sharing your time, skills, and experience will create lasting positive change in people’s lives. There’s a business waiting for a Mentor like you right now – and we’re ready to connect you!

Our Story


Flourishter is created by me, Rianne Klein Geltink, a seasoned business expert, and entrepreneur from the Netherlands. During my travels to Australia and Indonesia in 2017, I connected with many social entrepreneurs and was inspired by the concept of businesses creating both profits and positive impact. In the past decade or so, I increasingly felt that our current capitalistic system is failing us. We’re living in a world where capitalism has gone too far, benefiting only a few while failing our planet and humanity as a whole.

I started to think about how I could contribute to changing the way businesses work. Empowering young social impact entrepreneurs is a means to a wonderful end. I don’t believe in the traditional form of activism, where people protest against unethical businesses. Instead, I believe in a form of activism where we can focus our energies on creating something that’s a positive force for good. We should never be against anything, but always for something.

All major corporations started as small businesses. If we can find a way to empower young social impact entrepreneurs in such a way that they can flourish in their businesses, we can then change the way businesses are run. The businesses of the future can become a force for good apart from making profits. Imagine if all the Fortune 500 companies were social impact businesses. That would truly change the world!

Flourishter is here to drive that change. We want to connect all the amazing business talent in the world, who are willing and able to donate their time and expertise, to social impact entrepreneurs with the goal of helping their businesses flourish.

That’s not all though! The root of changing traditional capitalism into conscious capitalism lies in our educational system. We need to change the way we teach about creating, growing and managing businesses. If we can change the curriculum in business schools and teach students that businesses should be about making a profit AND impact, then we’re really driving change.

Flourishter will allocate part of our profits to an organization with this specific mission. If you’re aligned with our cause and would like to partner with us, please send us a message. Ultimately, this shift will create a flourishing world where people can lead truly purposeful lives built upon freedom and harmony with each other, and our beautiful planet.


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