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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d probably know that I am working on launching Flourishter, a platform to connect impact entrepreneurs with business mentors who are willing to donate their time and expertise to amplify the success and growth of these impact businesses. I explained this more in detail in this previous post.

This means that I am looking to connect and work with both impact entrepreneurs and business mentors in this new initiative. Initially, I’d spent a lot of time figuring out who exactly impact entrepreneurs were. Thereafter, I’d created a profile of the people I’d like this platform to serve.

I’d realized, however, that I needed to do the same for the business mentors. Initially, I didn’t feel the need to create one because I’d considered myself one of them and why would I create a profile of myself? After connecting with other potential business professionals who had responded to my LinkedIn and Facebook posts, I quickly realized that it was necessary to create a profile of the mentors who would make a perfect fit for the impact entrepreneurs whom we aim to serve.

I’ve created an ideal profile for this business mentor using a 7-step method. Although I’ve constructed Alex as a female, in reality, I’m looking for mentors of either gender.

Alex is a well-educated professional who has spent a decent number of years in the corporate world before building her own consulting business. After graduation, she worked her way up the corporate ladder in various sales and marketing roles.

She was very ambitious in her younger years, having worked more than her fair share of hours. During her corporate days, she loved working with people and seeing them grow as professionals and human beings. A few years ago, Alex made the decision to leave her corporate life to strike out on her own.

The sense of freedom associated with running her own firm appealed to Alex a lot. It didn’t take her long to build a successful consultancy. It also revealed the true value of her business network, something she hadn’t realized when she was in the corporate world. It made her proud and boosted her self-esteem. Her current client base is also very satisfied with the service she’s providing for them.

On a personal level, Alex is an outgoing individual. She loves to spend evenings with friends at great restaurants chatting about a broad range of topics such as politics, the environment or the future of work and education. She reads a lot and likes to stay up to date with world affairs. To her, relaxation comes in the form of reading a good book, going for a nice massage or getting the occasional facial. She also loves playing music, which is a true creative outlet for her.

Alex feels grateful for the opportunities that life has given her and is proud of how much she has achieved both personally and professionally. She’s fully aware of how fortunate she is, having a safe home, a loving family, wonderful friends and general abundance in life. She’s now building a freedom-based life where she can spend her time whichever way she prefers.

Despite everything that she’s grateful for, something’s still missing. Every so often, she feels a need to make a change, and it usually has to do with creating more meaning in her life. She feels that she has so much to contribute to the world but is unsure of how to go about doing it in an impactful way.

Alex doesn’t seek material things. She craves for a world of equality and mutual respect and is now actively working on her personal development. She’s curious about new ways of thinking and practices such as spirituality and meditation. Now that she’s living her ideal life, she desires to pass on that opportunity to others by helping them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Alex is worried about the state of the world with the recent political landscape and increased polarization. She’s concerned about the way most people communicate on social media. She also feels that consumerism is rapidly ruining the world and our beautiful planet. She wants to contribute to changing all these but is unsure about how to do it.

Alex loves helping others and gets a tremendous sense of satisfaction that is beyond material gains by seeing them flourish. She’s actively seeking opportunities to give back to society and help the people who she feels can benefit from her years of working experience and knowledge. She’s seeking ways to get more involved in social impact projects by harnessing her relevant business skills. She wants to pass on the opportunities that were bestowed upon her and ultimately contribute to elevating humanity and the planet.

Does this sound like you? I’d love to hear more. Drop a comment below and let’s connect!

Big hug,