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When it comes to sharing business and marketing insights, I construct a very clear mental image of the person I’m sharing this with. Empowering young conscious entrepreneurs is my mission. And by creating a specific target audience persona, I’m able to remain laser focused on crafting a service that caters to his (or her) needs.

As a result, I’ve created a 7-step process to help me generate an ideal customer persona.

Here, I’ve referred to mine as a male but in reality, my ideal customer can be either male or female. Let’s see if this resonates with you.

Meet Jamie

Jamie is in his early thirties and has launched a non-tech startup business armed with a vision to change the world for the better.

His dream is to reduce child mortality due to the lack of clean drinking water. He realizes that the best way to achieve his purpose is to build a profitable business, instead of an NGO or non-profit organization. He designed beautiful reusable water bottles, made out of bamboo. He found a manufacturer in Asia and is now selling them on different marketplaces all over the world. 

Absolutely driven by the purpose of his company, Jamie is willing to give his all in order to succeed. He is aware of his strengths as well as his weaknesses and actively seeks support to develop and grow as both a person and an entrepreneur.

As a scientist, he’s an expert in his own field but lacks experience in managing and growing a business. He is in need of financial insight as well as strategic business and marketing skills like defining value propositions, pricing, distribution and market growth strategies.

Jamie is caring, open-minded, somewhat idealistic and a go-getter. He takes good care of himself by regularly working out and keeping a healthy diet. He seeks a balanced lifestyle and is an optimist with a realistic approach to life and his business.

He prefers spending time on social media over mainstream media to stay updated on world affairs. With a keen interest in water-related political and world events, he follows key influencers whom he deems as heroes in the water and sanitation sector. He also has a voracious appetite for reading personal development books out of a strong desire to grow as a human being.

Traveling to countries with different cultural backgrounds inspires Jamie with enriching learning experiences. The last two countries that he’s visited were The Philippines and Chile, where he witnessed first-hand what the lack of clean drinking water can do to a society.

Jamie dreams of creating a world that is significantly better than its present state. A world where we truly value and respect each other as well as the environment. A world where no child dies from the lack of clean drinking water.

In an ideal world, he would be financially independent with the freedom to devote his time to helping others and making a positive impact. But for now, he works his ass off every day to create impact through his business. He’s received great feedback from his initial customers who find value in the solution he provides, putting him in a place where he’s now making a decent income ($50K) for himself.

Although Jamie is generally positive about taking the step to start this business, sometimes he feels insecure and wonders if he will be able to succeed. It doesn’t help that when he visits Facebook, he sees so many other people with similar ventures doing better than him. Although he knows that everyone starts from zero, he can’t help but be haunted by a fear of failure.

He sometimes worries that future customers won’t value him for who he is. That he won’t be able to sell or deliver on his promise to them. He is really good at his professional expertise but running a business isn’t one of his strengths. He doesn’t enjoy working on financial matters although he knows that it plays a vital part in the success of his business.

Jamie’s main stress factors are related to dealing with financial matters, creating a solid business strategy, and the idea of having to manage a team in the future as he isn’t someone who is good at delegating and letting go of control.

As a result, he’s afraid to make any long-term investments or commitments. He hangs on to the status quo, not giving his business the opportunity to grow. The fact that he’s at a stagnant stage and a long way from reaching his business’ vision saddens him. This, in turn, feeds his fear of not having what it takes to create the impact that he dreams of. Jamie is beginning to doubt himself and his ability to truly change the world on his own.

Deep down inside, he is anxious about the possibility of not being able to make a sustainable livelihood because he knows that standing still is, in fact, falling behind. The idea of not being able to do what he loves in the future, and having to return to a soul-crushing corporate job, really scares him.

Jamie is becoming increasingly aware of the areas that are holding him back. He knows that he needs a breakthrough. He is now open and willing to invest in the development of his business-related skills. He understands that this isn’t going to be a free ride and he seeks the best professional help in the forms of education, coaching, and mentorship to empower the growth of his business.

Do you think you’re a Jamie? Do you resonate with his life, dreams, and fears, or am I way off? I’d love to hear from you and would appreciate it so much if you can share your stories with me to help fine-tune my ideal customer persona.